Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why We Love Programming!

Welcome to our new blog on programming with children!

The content of the blog will primarily be synopses of discussions, resources shared by students and content based on other coursework in Power Programming for Children - on a Budget, a six week spring 2014 UW-Madison online course.  About half our students come from WI while others are from KY, WA, IN, KS, IL, MN, NE, MI and points in between - a great cross section of experience - and experiences. We hope it will serve both as a touchstone for folks in the course and a help to readers in the larger blogosphere!

This week, we are exploring what it is about programming work that keeps us coming back for more.

This is what class participants are sharing about where they find their happiness in programming:
  • planning and thinking about programs - the scope for imagination is great fun and the work environment of a library in which to plan--what could be better?
  • a system level consultant loves working with many different librarians sharing many different ideas. It gives her time to explore and discover many new  blogs and ideas about youth services.
  • seeing the response of children and the dedication of parents who might make a double trip to the library so both a preschool child in storytime and a sibling in school get to experience the library.
  • getting to know the kids and families more deeply and the element of creativity that enters into creating programs.
  • knowing that early literacy components in preschool programming will result in better informed parents/caregivers and better outcomes for the tots.
  • the joy of kids and parents attending the program re-energizes!
  • using creativity to highlight books and get kids reading is challenging and fun.
  • the moment when you see the kids truly connecting with the library and what you are doing in a program
  • when the kids view the library as a fun place
  • having the programming pieces fall together - great idea, low/no cost, good attendance, appreciation from kids and a photo in the paper the next day.
  • seeing kids come back when they are older and help with programs or as adults to say hi
  • getting a plate of thank you treats
How about you? What gives YOU programming happiness?

Graphic courtesy of Pixabay


  1. A simple, sweet, unexpected hug from a shy little one who is slowly becoming comfortable with storytme and with me personally. That warm, generous little hug makes my heart smile with happiness!

  2. I love when a child was "saving" something to share during a program. Then I know that the library and my program has become part of that child's life!

  3. When shy children see me either at the library or out and about in our small town, and they come up and tell me, "You came to my school!" When I go to schools, I am almost always in some costume or other, so we have a great bantering back-and-forth about, "No, that wasn't me! That was my ugly older sister, the Old Crone!" Or, "No, that was my elegant older sister, Mrs. Santa Claus!" The kids double over at this, and keep out-shouting each other that no, it WAS me, and they even remember the BOOKS I READ. This is about the time my goosebumps start and I commit myself to yes, looking like an idiot in the newspaper forever after, because I only get in it when I am jumping around screeching as the Old Crone. :-)

  4. The looks of delight on the children's faces when they love what they are participating in, and are so excited they can hardly stay on the floor.