Wednesday, February 4, 2015

BIG Love

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Our spring 2015 programming class has begun. We are already into lively discussions with the students who hail from around the country as well as from my home state of Wisconsin. 

What are we talking about as we begin? BIG LOVE! Here, directly from the student/librarians are a few of the reasons that programming is just so much darn fun and so satisfying:

Kids and parents expressing appreciation for the library/ program presented. a "four-year-old girl came in with three of her friends all dressed up like princesses. She told me that she wanted to have her birthday party at the library, so they all came to make crafts for each other and their parents. It made my heart absolutely melt, and all the stress I felt the night before making sure all the supplies were prepped was totally worth it."

Kids and parents expressing appreciation for the program presented when you are a brand new librarian following in the footsteps of a well-loved librarian who is no longer there! "My greatest happiness is when I do take a leap and implement a change and people truly appreciate it."

Being a department of one, it is lightning fast and easy to make changes. There is no committee, no extra paperwork, no delegating who is going to do what part, etc, etc. I used to work with 10 other children's librarians (big library) and all ideas had to go through an arduous review process that killed all momentum before it even started. I often wish I had a part-time assistant, but in general I am very happy making my own way. I see a great idea and I can immediately try to implement it. I love the forward direction and the flexibility. Doesn't work? I kill the program. Roaring success? I make it happen again. Easy peasy. "

Happiness to be involved in the work! "Happiness comes from seeing the faces of the people you are serving in your community after they have just gotten done with a great program.  Happiness comes from the question "Are you going to do this again?" Happiness is when a child brings you a drawing that you will display proudly.   Happiness is doing fresh and exciting things for your community.  Happiness is sharing a skill or information with a group of very interested people."

A chance to stretch creatively " I have an amazing manager who is willing to let me try new things which really allows me to push the barriers.  Sometimes it goes better than other but I love thinking of new and exciting things for my littles and their families!" 

Enjoying the reaction of the kids in the program. "my biggest happiness in programming is watching the children enjoy the program I've planned.  I've done a few Mo Willems programs- Elephant and Piggie Party, Pig Day, Pigeon Party, and those have been so fun!  I love to see the kids get excited about books, and then seeing the books fly off the shelves.  The pure joy of it keeps me going." 

What are your joys in doing programs. Share with us!

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