Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Poohriffic Day

Our guest blogger today is Trixine Tahtinen, the director at Oostburg WI Library. She started out as a children's librarian and became director in 2000. She keeps her hand in children's programming work because she is delighted by it!

This October will be the 90th Birthday of Winnie the Pooh and the books have been a favorite of children for generations. My plan is to have a 90 minute program with stories, crafts, songs and activities for K4s and 5s.

Program Outline
Group Gathering: 
First is an introduction to the World of Winnie the Pooh. Introduce the characters, show a map of the Hundred Aker Woods, a brief outline of the history of Winnie the Pooh. Next tell the group they are going to be participating in a number of activities all having to do with the characters in Winnie the Pooh books. Instruct them to go to the different stations. For example, those who are wearing a blue name tag go to station #1, red tags to statin #2 and so on. Once each group is at their assigned station, they will have 10-15 minutes at the station to complete the activity. (Can gauge how long but observing how it is going at each). Then they will be instructed to move to the next station.

Stations planned for the children to participate in:
Story Station: using a group of my teen volunteers to do a reader’s theater presentation of one of the classic stories of Winnie the Pooh, written into a script form. (See sources at the end of this paper). Supplies needed: copies of scripts, either headband masks of the characters or signs on their shirts indicating who they are.

Hunny Cake Bake and tasting station: using a recipe for honey cake, the group will mix together a cake batter and the adult volunteer will bake the cake. While it is baking, the children will have a chance to taste some local honey. The cakes will be cut up and each child will take a slice home at the end of the program. Supplies needed: ingredients for cake (purchased or ask for donations) and a donation of local honey from one or more of our many local honey producers.

Bear Bookmark Making: each child will make a book mark using a printed out picture of Pooh or one of his friends and a ribbon. Supplies needed: printed off pictures, crayons, ribbons, clear contact paper, hole punch.

Pooh Trivia and Quiz Time: each group will work as a team to solve some trivia and quiz questions based on Winnie the Pooh trivia, or I may also create a Pooh mad lib for the group to create together. Supplies needed: quiz and trivia questions gleaned from many websites and/or the books, paper filling out the madlib and a photocopier to copy the stories so each child can take a copy home.

Pooh’s Stoutness Exercises: Ideas for this station, have the children participate in playing pooh-sticks; toss the bees in the “hunny pot”, or play a duck, duck,duck, goose type game using the words “hunt, hunt, hunt, heffalump”. Supplies needed: a rain gutter section with sealed ends and small twigs for the children to move by blowing for “pooh sticks”; a bucket labeled “hunny pot” and beanbags decorated like bees for the toss game. Other ideas for games: pin the tail on Eeyore.

Wrap-up Gathering
When each group has completed the stations, they will once again gather together as one group. If there is still time, I will read one of the chapters from one of the A.A. Milne books or will show a short film. We will hand out the piece of honey cake for each to take home and provide some coloring sheets and puzzles to choose from to take home. I will also ask for a show of hands who would like to come next month for a different book party program and I will also have a check list for parents to vote on this when they come and pick up their child.

Sources used for items, printouts, games.
Literature Activities for Young Children, Book Two by Teacher Created Materials Inc. 1989
The Winnie the Pooh Cookbook by Virginia Ellison

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