Friday, March 14, 2014

I Need a Die-Cut Machine -Creative Funding

For years, we wanted a die cut machine and dies for the library,  but there was never enough money in the budget.  In 2001, we learned about a printer cartridge recycling program called Funding Factory. 

We advertised throughout the community and since then, have sent in hundreds of used cartridges and in recent years, have sent in old cell phones, laptops, and other devices.  The program is free: FF provides the cartons and mailing labels and when UPS makes a delivery to the library, we can give them a packed carton of cartridges and they ship it free to us.

We earn points for each item we recycle and send and redeem the points for cash. We used the cash to purchase a die cut machine and dies, including an alphabet set and update our selection of dies on a yearly basis using these funds.

This ongoing project has kept  pounds and pounds of technology waste out of the landfill; it has provided a public service to help our residents properly dispose of such waste; we have a die cut machine and dies to use for library bulletin boards and programming; and we offer the use of the die cut machine and dies to the public. It is a "win-win" for everyone!

Luci Bledsoe/Johnson Creek Public Library

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