Monday, March 10, 2014

The Best Planning is Proactive

In thinking about how to balance the programs we offer, the class was asked to share an example of how they changed a program, grew it or adapted it to create a better balance. This is one in a series of posts in which class participants responded to the prompt: Share an example of a way you evolved a program that led to a more successful outcome.

Kristine from Reedsburg WI looks at changes coming down the pike and starts adapting programs and schedules right away.

I try to stay connected with the community and be proactive to changes than reactive. 
For example, when our school district implemented the 4K program, I added a Friday Morning Storytime to accomodate families with 4 and 5 year olds because 4K is Monday through Thursday. 
Our school board just adopted the school calendar for next year and there will be early release every Friday.  I have started the planning for how the Library can program for our school age kids on Friday afternoons.
We started our Homeschooling program because of the growing number of homeschooled families.

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