Thursday, May 29, 2014

Organized Inspiration

As a director of a small library, one wears many hats. Luci shares her techniques and inspirations for putting her storytimes together that keeps fun, great content and new ideas together - while still running the library!

Perhaps because I'm a former school librarian,  I repeat many of my story hour themes.  Almost every session (September December and January-May), my weekly themes include the ABCs; colors; shapes; numbers and counting; specific animals,  both domestic and wild; and the seasons. While winter is my absolute least favorite season, I spent 4 weeks this past January on winter: snowflakes, snowmen, sledding, and mittens.  My favorite story hour theme is numbers and counting, and I try to have that as a three-week-in-a-row theme. (I don't like math but I do enjoy it when my monthly budget sheet from the village office balances with my financial report!). 

Now, while I do repeat themes, I change out the book titles; craft; and sometimes, the finger plays or songs. Because I'm the director of a small library,  I have many duties. When I catalog new books, I keep an eye out for books that will be great for story hour. I have a list in my computer called "Preschool Story Hour Ideas" and add the book, its call number, and the month and year we purchased it. The list is organized by possible story hour themes. When I am putting together a new session of story hour, I start with this list. My second resource is my 3 or 4" wide 3-ring binder that has copies of every finger play and song that I have used or want to use. (I also have 1 more ring binder that include samples of activities that I have done in the past; a file folder with copies of every story hour schedule that I have put together since 1992; and a binder with ideas for future story hours).  

By now, I have chosen the books I want to read and the accompanying finger plays and/or songs, but I need a craft; project; or activity.  In the past,  I Googled "preschool dinosaur craft" or whatever.  Now, I will look at the different blogs I have been introduced to in this class. I do have a personal Pinterest account and while I don't spend lots of time on Pinterest,  I do look at the boards that are featured in the weekly emails I receive from Pinterest.  Obviously,  I have to keep my budget and staff prep time in mind as I do my planning,  but having fun is a top priority for me.  If I'm having fun and enjoying myself in story hour, chances are good that the children will, too! 

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